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Human Organ Pendants

I am Parth Kothekar from Ahmedabad, India. It’s been more than 10 years now since I began exploring paper. It challenged me at every level of my exploration which inspired me to work on miniatures. Further, it pushed me to go the minutest level possible which led me to create the various thematic series I have been creating for quite some time.

This drive of challenging myself arose my curiosity in mediums other than paper. Silver was the first thing on my mind; after a couple of months of trial and error, I have created my first series of hand-cut pendants. These designs are based on my papercuts.

While I made use of pen knife to attain intricacy on paper, silver needs a stronger tool; jewelers Saw does just that. I have decided to make only a couple of these pendants to test the waters and venture into this new medium of cutting.

These pendants are available on my Etsy page.

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